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Learning and development

As part of our mission to provide the kindest care in the UK, we are providing significant investment in learning & development programmes for all members of staff.

HC-One has a large Learning & Development team to support members of staff in our homes and central support services. We have also set up a Qualifications Centre from where all accredited programmes and awards will be managed, with the aim of developing bespoke accredited programmes in partnership with Universities and specialist agencies. We aim to lead the sector in dementia programmes, dignity, activities and hospitality.

Each home is able to prioritise the different courses and programmes in which their members of staff will participate in order to refresh and develop their skills.

This year we are also embarking on a far reaching development project for all staff, to include bespoke e-learning, online forums, webinars for specialist programmes, podcasts, mobile learning as well as the classroom sessions delivered by our skilled Learning & Development facilitators.

As part of this, we are investing in IT infrastructure so that members of staff can benefit from a wide range of learning & development, including online programmes that are accessible from work or home.