HC One


Daily life at a HC-One home

Resident Joan shares her day…

I’d really like to tell you about a typical day in my HC-One home in Coventry. My name is Joan, I’ve lived here for nearly two years and I’m very happy here. 


The start of the day

6am - 9am

My day starts early at about 6am. I like to wake early in a morning so it’s nice to know there is always someone up at the same time, no matter how early. Today it’s Karen, who is one of the night Nurses. She pops her head around the door and offers me a cuppa, which is a great start to the day. 
At around 8am the day Nurses and Carers start their shift. One of them is Helen, my key Carer. Helen helps me get washed and dressed and ready for breakfast. We have a good old natter and she tells me all about her nine year old niece who is performing in a big dance show at the weekend.

Breakfast is cereal and coffee for me today and while I’m eating, another Carer Sheila asks me what I would like to eat for lunch and tea. I choose chicken salad and beef stew, two of my favourites. After breakfast one of the Nurses, Ganga, gives me my medication and checks my blood sugar levels. I have diabetes so it’s important that they are kept just right.


A typical busy morning

9am - 2pm

It’s very busy here and I don’t feel isolated, there is always someone to chat to. I love it when Carmen the Housekeeper drops by. We have a good laugh, she’s busy making sure the home is clean and smells fresh but she always makes time for telling a joke or two. Today it’s sunny and it feels like spring has arrived so I make the most of the sunshine and enjoy spending time relaxing in the conservatory. Then, just before lunch there’s a lovely surprise. My daughter pays an unexpected visit.

She usually visits at weekends but she has re-arranged her working day so she can just pop in to see how I am. She has brought me some beautiful primroses which I will plant outside later. Harris is the Maintenance/Gardner and he makes sure that there is space for Residents to have their own garden area, feed the birds or just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Wednesday afternoon is when we are visited by Anne, the hairdresser. She’s ever so nice, sometimes I have a different cut or colour as I like to be adventurous.


Afternoon activities

2pm - 8pm

Tea is served at 5.30 p.m. and the beef stew is delicious, with lovely fluffy dumplings too. We’ve got a real gem in Sue, the Chef. She bakes a cake whenever there is a birthday to celebrate. We always enjoy her homemade biscuits too and Sue kindly makes special ones for me because of my diabetes, delicious.

Demar the Activities Coordinator who often entertains us by playing guitar, organises lots of activities for us to do each day. Bingo and quizzes are my favourites. As the evening arrives I enjoy watching TV and a game or two of snakes and ladders with friends. We only play for tokens but it certainly makes it more interesting.


...and finally

8pm - 10pm

I like to go up to bed at about 10pm by which time Karen is back on duty again, she helps me to change into a nightie and get settled for the night. I’m feeling tired so I expect I’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep as usual.

I have to say that initially I didn’t feel happy about the idea of moving into a care home. I feel settled now and it was definitely the right choice for me. It’s comfortable, I have made some great friendships here, the staff are kind and caring and there’s nothing they won’t do for you. So I know I just couldn’t be in better hands!