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May 2014

HC-One awarded ‘Two Ticks’ Accreditation by Job Centre Plus

30 May 2014

HC-One has been awarded the use of the ‘Two Ticks’ Accreditation symbol from Job Centre Plus. The symbol is awarded to employers in England, Scotland and Wales who make a commitment to employ, retain and develop the abilities of individuals with disabilities.

The award has been granted following a detailed review by Jobcentre Plus of HC-One systems and procedures, which included reviewing how HC-One ensures disabled colleagues, are treated fairly throughout the recruitment process. The review also looked at how the company works with existing colleagues who may become disabled whilst working at HC-One.

HC-One has been recognised as having a positive approach to employing individuals with disabilities and is dedicated to ensuring that the five commitments regarding recruitment, training, retention, consultation and disability awareness are applied consistently:-

• Interview all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for a vacancy and consider them on their abilities to fulfil the requirements of the role

• Ensure there is in place a regular opportunity to discuss, at least once a year, with disabled colleagues, how they can develop and apply their abilities in the workplace

• Make every effort when a colleague becomes disabled, to make sure the colleague remains in employment

• The company will act to ensure that all colleagues develop the appropriate level of disability awareness that is needed to ensure these commitments are followed

• Each year, HC-One will review these commitments, and where necessary plan ways to maintain and improve on them, and inform colleagues and Job Centre Plus regarding progress and future plans