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August 2014

HC-One Sponsors The Silver Line Charity Founded By Esther Rantzen

08 August 2014

HC-One, the third largest care home provider in the UK, has announced its support and sponsorship of The Silver Line charity, founded by Esther Rantzen CBE.

The Silver Line sponsorship sees HC-One at the forefront of this initiative, being the charity’s only founding partner from the care sector to engage in this endeavour, leading the way by providing relevant and meaningful support at a national level.

HC-One’s Chairman, Dr Chai Patel, has a long history of philanthropy and he has imbued this charitable spirit into HC-One’s philosophy and donated £150,000 to The Silver Line.

HC-One is dedicated to providing the kindest care for every Resident and developing each home’s relationship with their local community and is proud to support The Silver Line as the charity is specifically for older people, providing them with a support network and friendly voice to talk to.

The Silver Line was launched by Esther Rantzen in November 2012, with the slogan “No question too big, no problem too small, no need to be alone.” It is a free confidential helpline for older people – the Silver Generation - providing them with information, friendship and advice delivering a 24-hour helpline, open every day of the year. The charity also connects callers to local groups and services, and provides them with support and protection in cases of abuse and neglect.

In establishing The Silver Line, Esther Rantzen believed it would be a liberating link for older people who feel isolated.

HC-One’s generous sponsorship will fund the important work of The Silver Line in supporting the increasing number of older people feeling alone.

The Silver Line charity will be producing evaluation reports and briefing papers based on key issues identified by callers to the helpline. These reports will be used to inform and influence Government policy for older people.

HC-One’s sponsorship of The Silver Line builds on their existing ethos to support each Resident in the best way possible, developing strong links between homes and their local community.

Esther Rantzen CBE, Founder of The Silver Line, said:
“The reality is that older people should be valued as a tremendous asset to society. No one should feel isolated and vulnerable, and it is the nation’s responsibility to make older people feel valued, to include them, empower them, and connect them with their communities. This is what we hope The Silver Line will achieve.”

Dr Chai Patel, Chairman of HC-One, said:

“HC-One is proud to sponsor The Silver Line and be the charity’s only founding partner from the care sector. The charity provides a great opportunity to give older people a voice, and create a bridge between older people and their surrounding world. The Silver Line provides a network, and a friendly voice for those who feel lonely and want someone to speak to.

“HC-One’s sponsorship of The Silver Line fits perfectly with our core values of accountability, involvement, and partnership, in ensuring that older people are provided with the kindest care.”