HC One

shared purpose

CCG Introduction

Using evidence-based research from The King's Fund and
Stirling University, HC-One has invested £50+ million to upgrade its homes. This has created a topnotch setting for residents:

Our residents love our:

  • Enhanced patient lounge and dining facilities
  • Outdoor patio areas, allowing a pleasant external relaxation space
  • Specially-equipped showers and assisted bathrooms
  • 200-strong fleet of specialist minibuses.

Important addition of detail such as old fashioned radios, textured artwork, specific wall colours and comfortable lounge chairs has provided a more domestic and reassuring environment for our patients living with dementia.


We are proud to say that our top quality care, delivered with kindness, has helped improve the quality of life for our residents:

  • A hospital patient was admitted with a history of aggressive behaviour who also refused all personal care. By the second day with us, his demeanour had transformed. He accepted all aspects of personal care, including shaving and no aggressive behaviour has been noted to date.
  • Another resident, who was admitted with no apparent language skills,began to converse in his native Hindi, after just a month in our care.
  • When a resident, who had not slept in her own bed for six years joined us, she was subdued. After a month with us, she has not only slept in her bed by choice but she is also very friendly with the other residents.

It’s all about creating environments that residents and staff are happy to live and work in.

Patient feedback

When residents say “It’s home away from home”, that means ‘job done’ for HC-One!