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Residential dementia care

Dementia care is changing, and at HC-One we want to lead that change. Specialist dementia care facilities are specifically tailored to ensure comfort and familiarity to those living with memory loss.

Our staff are provided with on-going opportunities for learning and development to ensure that the care we provide is not only the kindest possible, but is also delivered from a sound, professional knowledge base.

We also believe that every one of our Residents is a unique, special and deserving person, an ethos that can be found at the heart of all of our homes.

Care is individualised and based on a person’s life history, whilst also involving and empowering their families. We ensure that a resident’s current strengths and abilities form the basis of their care, rather than focusing solely on their weaknesses or disabilities.

'A journey into loneliness' is a heart-warming piece written by Syd Mayne, the husband of Kate Mayne who was a Resident in a HC-One home. Syd tells the story of how he met his wife Kate of 56 years, their life together as a family, and how he and Kate learnt to live with Dementia.

HC-One backs Government Dementia Campaign

HC-One has signed a pledge to publicly declare that we are working to develop good quality care for people living with Dementia. The Dementia Care and Support Compact outlines HC-One’s commitment to supporting the delivery of the National Dementia Strategy and improving care and support for people living with Dementia, their carers and families. 


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