As the kind care company, we have a clear vision to deliver the kindest possible care to Residents; to achieve our vision we actively seeks to recruit and retain the kindest possible people.
In October 2013 we launched The Kindness in Care Awards programme to recognise our kindest people, their efforts and the impact they have on the lives of people living in our homes.
We’re proud to say that since we launched this awards programme we have honoured more than 2,700 individuals for their commitment to kindness.
Each of the award recipients will have been nominated by a Resident, colleague, relative or visitor to the home. Nominations are invited from people who have observed a spontaneous moment or act of kindness, from colleagues who show passion and dedication to the lives of those living with us, such as:

  • Making the home look and feel special

  • Providing delicious and personally prepared food

  • Always showing the greatest kindness

  • Going out of your way to help and support

  • Taking responsibility and being ever reliable

  • Upholding Residents’ privacy and dignity

  • Promoting Resident wellbeing

If you would like to nominate someone or just to know more about the ‘Kindness in Care Award’ email