We are here to make a real difference to the lives of older men and women in communities throughout the UK; we do this by fostering a culture that actively encourages simple kindness. ‘Kindness’ isn’t just a warm and fuzzy feeling – it’s an incredibly powerful force for good.
Fostering kindness increases colleague satisfaction and feeling good about ourselves leads on to so many positive outcomes. If everyone was ten percent kinder, imagine the impact that would have on our life.

Genuine relationships are at the heart of great care. By fostering in our homes a genuine kindness that comes from the heart, we build real connections between our colleagues, Residents and their family and friends.
Kindness creates bonds, cultivates friendships and builds positive relationships with those around us. Not only does kindness increase our enjoyment of life; it encourages a feeling of harmony within the home, allowing relationships to be built on mutual trust and benefit.

Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but of moments. We believe an ethos of kindness and genuine caring ensures these moments are happier, and makes all of our journeys easier.
We understand the importance of the small, silent moments when Residents want to be alone with their thoughts. Through simple kindness and respect for their needs we hope to bring joy to the ordinary moments in each day: that first greeting in the morning, or a welcoming cup of tea accompanied by a favourite biscuit. Simply put, we want everyone to feel loved and cared for.

Home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. Feeling happy, feeling valued and respected, feeling as if you can be yourself. Kindness enables everyone to feel appreciated and understood, which in turn makes them feel safe and secure – a part of the family.
We encourage everyone to feel part of things, both within the home and the wider community. A sense of belonging makes us happier, more confident men and women, able to transform each day into a positive experience.

A great care home is a hugely valuable local service. Right at the heart of its immediate community, it’s a kind and familiar presence caring for the people we love. A place that, in the future, we too may look forward to calling ‘home’ without fear or anxiety.
As a kind company, we open our doors to friends, family, neighbours and local people, offering kindness and support and enriching the lives of our Residents. We want everyone – whether they live or work with us, or are simply visiting – to feel they are entering a happy home.

Kindness is a mood changer, a life enhancer. It is the soothing hand, the unlooked for thoughtful action, someone going the extra mile for us. In our busy lives we might not give it a passing thought, yet who hasn’t felt a lifting of spirits when out of the blue we experience an act of kindness?

Now imagine our lives, no longer busy, no longer filled with daily chores and responsibilities, and imagine how much a gentle touch or an understanding voice might have the power to reassure us and dispel our fears
In our homes, an ethos of genuine kindness ensures any challenges will be made easier. When a Resident reaches out for help and understanding, there will always be someone there they can trust to be kind

If you want to ask us any questions, or come in to visit one of our many homes, just give us a call on
0333 999 8491 or email us at careenquiries@hc-one.co.uk