Throughout the coronavirus pandemic we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver enhanced infection control measures to minimise the risks of the virus entering or spreading through our care homes.
As part of HC-One’s standard operating procedures every Colleague who works in an HC-One Care Home must complete an infection control training programme as part of their induction when they join us.
Coronavirus enhanced infection control measures
In response to the coronavirus pandemic we’ve taken additional measures to enhance our infection control standards; we’ve recruited an “Infection Control Army” across our care home network to help us beat the virus.
With over 800 Colleagues from our clinical and housekeeping teams, the infection control army have all completed our specialist coronavirus enhanced infection control training so that they are equipped to coach and mentor every Colleague to adhere to the highest possible standards.
A special thanks to our Infection Control Army who are leading the way in protecting our Residents and Colleagues against the virus.
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been able to secure good stocks of personal protective equipment which Colleagues have been wearing in line with government guidance.
All of our Colleagues, irrespective of their role will be wearing protective face masks whenever they’re in the care home for that added peace of mind and protection.
Despite the personal discomfort caused by wearing PPE around the clock, no more so than in the warm weather, our Colleagues have continued to go above and beyond to care for our Residents and we’re overwhelmed by their commitment.
Enhanced cleaning procedures
Early in the pandemic we took the decision to adopt enhanced cleaning regimes in all care homes, increasing our cleaning regimes to every 4 hours and using decontamination chemicals to limit the risk of the virus entering or spreading throughout our care homes.
Decluttering our care homes
Like all homes, care homes are furnished in a homely manner. Unfortunately there are a number of items that can be transmitters for the virus. Early on in the pandemic we took the difficult decision to store a wide range of soft furnishings and magazines as they are difficult to decontaminate.