Are there specific times for visiting HC-One homes?
The warm presence of family is always welcome at our homes, and as such we operate an “open visiting policy” so that Residents can remain connected to those who are most important to them. This not only extends to friends and family but also representatives visiting from religious, community and friendship groups.
Can I get up when I choose to?
When we first meet, we will spend time getting to know you, your needs and your preferences. Please let us know what time you like to awake and as long as that doesn’t interfere with medication it should be fine for you to awake as you wish.

Can I have refreshments throughout the day?
There's a selection of drinks, snacks, cakes and fruit available throughout the day; if you're a Marmite fan or you particularly like a cup of Horlicks before bed or there's something else that is a particular favourite,  let us know, if we don't have it in we'll try and get it for you.

Can I be assured that there will be something I like to eat?
We offer a varied menu throughout the day. Our menus are developed in consultation with people residing in our homes, we also carry out taste and try sessions in each home to further nuance menus which tend to form traditional fayre. There is a menu choice for every mealtime and menus are only in place for 4 weeks at a time.

Lunch is the main meal of the day, menus are planned to reflect the season so during summer months there’ll be a greater selection of salads, quiches, pasta etc and winter months there’ll be a greater selection of stews, casseroles, pies and classic roasts; we’re traditional in that there is always fish on a Friday.

Can I have a full cooked breakfast?
There is a choice of a full cooked or continental breakfast, with a variety of fruit and cereal.

Can I get a daily newspaper delivered?
Many of our homes will have a selection of newspapers delivered, but if you've a favourite read and we don't have it please ask and we'll try and get it for you.

Can I leave the home to go out on my own or with family and friends?
Should you wish to go out with family and friends you simply need to let the Home Manager know of your whereabouts and sign yourself out (*). There are many people in our homes who go out on their own, or with friends and family member for a lunch out at the local pub, or to the local shops and amenities; this is determined by the initial assessment before you move into the home.
(*) We ask you to sign out in case we have a fire drill so that we know who is in the building.

Can I still have a meal if i go out for the day?
The fresh nutritious food we prepare and serve in the home each day will never go to waste, so if you happen to be out and about or simply not ready to eat, we’ll make sure that your meal is kept back and warmed ready for when you return.
Can I bring my own furniture to the home?
We want your space to feel as homely and cosy as possible, so we encourage everyone who lives with us to bring anything that reminds them of home, provided it is fire retardant and PAT tested.

Can I hang my favourite picture in my room?
Our helpful maintenance team will help you with any little jobs that will make you feel more at home, such as hanging pictures on the wall, or even providing a helping hand to where your favourite ornament should go.

Can I still enjoy my favourite tipple?
Many of our Residents continue to enjoy their favourite tipple! Of course we need to make sure that it is safe to do so if you are on medication so please just ask and we'll check. Our care home are not licensed to sell alcohol, so if you want to keep stock of your favourite tipple you will need to buy it, but we'll help by keeping it in the fridge if it needs to be chilled.

Can I bring a pet to live with me?
We know that the thought of leaving behind a beloved dog or cat can leave a huge gap in a person’s life. Well-behaved small pets are welcome in some of our homes but it’s best to check first, the answer will be individual to the home and very much depend upon the current Residents preferences and any pets already existing in the home.
In many of our homes we have resident rabbits, birds and cats who are all very popular with the Residents and the recipients and givers of much affection. Other homes enjoy visits from birds of prey centres, pets as therapy groups, reptile centres and of course local wildlife which Residents enjoy from the gardens