HC-One 5th Year Birthday

As part of HC-One, The Kind Care Company's 5 year anniversary celebrations loyal colleagues up and down the country are being recognised for their loyalty and commitment. Although HC-One celebrates 5 years, there are many kind, caring colleagues who have been working in HC-One homes for much longer and their total years of service in their home is being recognised.

The accompanying photo is from Bankwood Care Home, Duffield, Derbyshire where 16 kind colleagues were recognised for their service which ranged from between five and seventeen years. After the presentation we asked the team why they had stayed so long?
Nesiba – “I love my job, I am happy and I like the people I work with”
Laura – “I enjoy my job. I like my work colleagues and I love all my residents”
Lauren – “My job works well around my family life. It gives me a good balance and I enjoy talking to residents”
Katie – “I like residents and staff”
Lesley – “I like the residents, staff and my working environment”

Michelle – worked for 5 years, then left for 1 year to try something new, but missed being activities coordinator and came back to us and has now been back 4 years.

And from a life serving member of staff !!!!! (17 years and counting), Izzie – Home manager!!!
“It is part of my life, it is my family, it's no different to your family at home, they drive you mad and fill you will love at the same time!!”