Bankwood appoints new Wellbeing Coordinator with helping hand from Resident RonBankwood care home has welcomed a new Wellbeing Coordinator to its team with the help of Ron, a Resident at the Derbyshire-based home.

Ron assisted Izzie Hamza, the Home Manager at Bankwood, when asking questions to the few remaining candidates hoping to secure the position.

Prior to the interview, Ron spoke to his fellow Residents at Bankwood to find out what questions they would like him to ask.

After listening to each interviewee’s responses, Ron helped Izzie decide that Trish was the right person for the job.

Izzie said: “It’s important that Residents get the chance to voice their opinions when we look for new additions to the Bankwood team, and Ron’s input really helped us to make a final decision. We look forward to welcoming Trish to the team.”