Comic Relief fun for Stadium Court!Residents and Colleagues at Stadium Court enjoyed a day of sporty fun in support of Comic Relief.

They spent the day in a ‘virtual trip to the races’ through various makeshift racing activities, which soon had everyone laughing away with excitement of who would win.

The Residents, Colleagues and even some visitors enjoyed the friendly competition that this brought, with bets being placed and fun to be had! 

For some Residents, this was even their first experience of a race day, and what a great way to involve them with some enjoyable games! One Resident even commented that the games had helped to “add a splash of colour to a wet day”.

Theresa McCaffrey, Home Manager, commented “We had a great day with our virtual trip to the races, the atmosphere was a real buzz and it was a totally different activity for us to try.  Everyone had an excellent day and we can’t wait for the next event.”

A wonderful day in support of a great cause!