Heroic actions land Deputy Manager a Kindness in Care AwardHC-One’s Tenlands Care Home in Ferryhill is celebrating the incredible act of kindness displayed by Andrea Palmer, Deputy Manager at Tenlands, who has received a Kindness in Care Award for her wonderful and quick thinking actions. 

Chloe Woods was 33 weeks pregnant when she was involved in a head on collision with a motor home and as Andrea was driving home, she saw the accident and made the lifesaving decision to stop and care for the expecting parents.

Andrea managed to ensure that Chloe’s heart rate was kept down, which in turn kept her babies down. After being kept in hospital all weekend she ran into a few complications, but thanks to the amazing and quick thinking actions of Andrea, Chloe and her partner David recently welcomed a healthy baby girl named Grace. 

Chloe Woods said:

“When I visited Tenlands, I was informed that Andrea was also 20 weeks pregnant at the time of the accident, it must have been so scary for her seeing what happened.

Andrea is an inspiration to us and her words and kindness will stay with us forever.”

HC-One’s Tenlands Home Manager, Victoria Leighton, said:

“We are very proud of Andrea for stopping and helping Chloe, particularly given that she was due to give birth soon. Andrea demonstrated the kind care she delivers every day at Tenlands!”

HC-One’s Tenlands Deputy Manager, Andrea Palmer, said:

“I didn’t think twice about stopping to help, I just did what anyone else would do in that situation. We’re all so relieved that everyone was okay and that the baby was unhurt, it was wonderful to finally meet Grace.”

HC-One Managing Director, Stephen Butterworth, said:

“The Kindness in Care Awards programme is about recognising and celebrating colleagues who demonstrate the kindest care and the best practice that we can all learn from, and Ashton Grange has the privilege of having just such a colleague.

“Each and every day, HC-One staff do incredible work, and make such a difference to the lives of Residents living in our homes. It is great to work with such inspirational, caring and kind people.”