Ladies afternoon ‘stop and shop’ at Roxburgh HouseSome Colleagues of Roxburgh House chose to ‘Stop the Clock’ when two Residents, Jean and Ivy, decided they wanted to visit a shop to purchase a few items.

The shining sun had made the stroll even more enjoyable for the ladies as they were able to walk to their local shop together with a Colleague. They chose to purchase items such as biscuits, which they would later kindly share with the other Residents back at the home.

The trip even brought back memories for some of the Residents who had lived in the area during their lives as Ivy, commented: “I remember coming into this shop years ago” and they had each appreciated feeling so independent again as they’d made decisions and discussed them with one another.

How lovely to see how a short walk in the sun and some shopping, could brighten the day for these Residents!