Lingo Flamingo comes to Irvine care homeHC-One’s Fullarton Care Home in Irvine have been delighted to invite the Lingo Flamingo Language Speaking Group into the home to teach the Residents how to speak Italian. 

James Gilfedder, Tom Steen, Audrey Montgomery, Chrissie McSorely, Issy Scoller, Christina Adams and Walter Gardiner meet every Tuesday for an hour and are now coming away from the session speaking Italian. 

Due to the class, they not all greet each other during the week as friends and want to sit with each other at the other activities held within the homes.

Chris the tutor leads the classes in a clear and dynamic way whilst still managing to cover all of the points within the course book that all participants were given at the start of the course.

At the end of each session, everyone enjoys a cup of tea and a chat in English but Chris always manages to incorporate some of the Italian words learnt in the session. 

Tom commented:

“I’ll keep my book so that I can do my homework and be the top of the class!”

James commented:

“A most enjoyable class, it keeps my brain working.”

Fullarton’s Home Manager, Graham Kelly commented:

“I’m amazed at how well the group has gelled together and delighted that some of those involved, who never get involved with other groups we hold, are up, washed, dressed and waiting for Chris on Tuesdays.”