Live Music Now UK holds first of seven concerts at BeechesBeeches Nottingham hosted the first of 7 “Live Music Now UK” concerts in August with Harpist Elfer Dyer providing a stunning musical performance. 

Elfer played music by Sir Elton John, The Beatles and many other artists along with many classical pieces. 
Beeches Nottingham have 6 more sessions planned due to Claire Brown, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, securing seven concerts from Live Music Now. 

Life can be lonely when people get older. Illness, difficulties getting around, the loss of partners and close friends are some of the reasons why life can become a challenge. Most of us know someone in this position and may one day experience it ourselves.

Live music now has been working over the years to bring joy to older people through unique music sessions. They strive so that older people accessing care services should live their lives as fully and creatively as possible.

RAF veteran and resident Arthur Spyby said Elfer was ‘A first class player and a first class lady’. 
The music was very soothing and relaxing.