Local care homes walk 60 miles to raise money for their Resident’s comfort fundsThree local HC-One homes, including Chapel Level Care Home in Kirkcaldy, volunteered to walk the East of Fife Coastal Walk to raise money for their Resident’s comfort funds.  

The care team at Chapel Level combined forces with Woodside Court and Balfarg, other HC-One homes in the local area, and walked the staggering 60 miles over 3 days.    

Alana Rodger and Kirsty Whorlton from Chapel Level, Lesleyanne Murdoch from Woodside Court and Lynda Elliot, Shirley Gallagher and Kylie Park from Balfarg all took it in their stride and with a smile on their face.

Resident Anne Carscadden commented:

“I’m so proud of my granddaughter for taking part and I loved seeing all the photos on their return.”

Everybody commented how lovely it was that all of the people involved pulled together with the sole purpose of helping out our Residents.