Resident at Milliner House conquers fearsBrenda, a Resident at HC-One’s Milliner House in Luton managed to conquer her greatest fear with the help of Juliette, a Senior Carer at the home.

Brenda had not been outside in years due to a fear of the outside world. During the year she has been as Milliner House all of the staff have tried to encourage Brenda to step outside of the building, but she would only venture into the garden from time to time.

Juliette, a Senior Carer at Milliner House has been supporting Brenda to slowly but surely overcome her fear of the outside world. 

On Tuesday 13th February Brenda took her first steps outside Milliner House with Juliette. Everyone at Milliner is very proud of Brenda and her amazing achievement. 

This is a great example of kind care at work and how the staff at Milliner House are willing to go above and beyond to make a real difference to the lives of each and every Resident.