Residents become ‘inspectors’ at Aston HouseColleagues at Aston House gave two Residents the opportunity to become ‘inspectors’ for the day within the home.

During staff meetings, some Residents are often invited to participate, and this time, two Residents, Marjorie and Alice, attended, and were able to share their insights and opinions on everything within the home.

However, during this meeting, Colleagues had a surprise up their sleeves, as they nominated Marjorie to be an inspector of the food department and Alice to be an inspector of care quality, both due to their past experiences within these fields. 

Alice was once a nurse herself and also went on to teach nursing to students as a lecturer, whilst Marjorie is extremely passionate about food, often sharing her recipes with the home’s chef for others to try, with her favourite phrase being “You are what you eat”. Both Residents were pleasantly surprised with their new roles, and were even given a badge and certificate each to commemorate their new found titles.

Seema Jose, Home Manager, commented: “Residents are the most important part of each care home, and it’s important that they have their say in everything possible. We often award our Residents with a badge and given them a specific role to encourage them to feel more involved in the running of our home. I have seen their persona change in so many positive ways- from getting up and finding smart clothes to wear in the morning because now they have got a “job to do” and they want to look presentable, to little things like opening up and being more social with other Residents. ”

Such a lovely example of person-centred care!