Residents enjoy a trip to Kirkley Hall Zoological GardensKirkwood Court enjoyed a day out to Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens where Residents had a great time viewing the variety of animals living there, including monkeys, lemurs, wallabies, exotic water birds, reptiles and spiders. 

Shirley Radcliff, Nip Griffiths, Lily Irvine, Pauline Atkinson and Pamela Brown were thrilled to look around the enclosures where their highlight was seeing the wallabies, monkeys and reptiles.  

Everyone enjoyed a homemade picnic together whilst enjoying a goodl old natter and watching the wallabies and passers-by. 

Residents enjoyed chatting to all of the children visiting and their families, they loved seeing them laughing and playing together. They had a great time at Kirkley Hall, making comments such as “great day out”, “fantastic place to visit” and “great to see the children enjoying themselves”.