Swallownest complete 2017 garden projectSwallownest garden therapy sessions with Caroline have been enjoyed by quite a few of our residents and over the last few months we have transformed our garden area into a picturesque relaxing part of our home.

Before we started our summer project, Dawn and Caroline (wellbeing coordinators) sat down with residents and discussed and planned the changes we would like to make to the garden.

The residents had some great ideas and it wasn’t long before we started to put our plans into action.
Residents and staff started by digging out the raised bed and refilling it with potting compost.
The home chose to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Over the summer months the home have taken great care in looking after our garden and watering the plants daily with residents taking it in turns to ensure each day the vegetables and, herbs and flowers are well looked after.

The transformation has been amazing and the garden therapy sessions are getting even more popular with residents, families and friends getting involved.

The home are very proud of our achievements and all our hard work has paid off as we now get to sit in the garden and admire our handy work.

Photo shows garden transformation with resident Joyce Robinson getting her hands dirty whilst filling the raised beds with potting compost.