This is your Life for 94 year old Resident
On the 4th of November Meadow Bank House Care home celebrated Resident Marianne Mandel’s birthday.
The day began in Marianne’s favourite way, with a nice soak in a warm bubble bath, she had her nails painted and her hair blow dried.
For lunch Marianne had her favourite tomato sandwich with a nice milky tea just the way she likes it.
The home then held a get together in the lounge with plenty of music so everyone could enjoy a sing and dance.
Caring members of the team then announced Mariannes Birthday and presented her with a "This is your life" book.
Everyone took great interest in it and loved seeing the photos and hearing all about Marianne interesting life. Half way through, Marianne’s daughter Barbara appeared through the door which was a lovely suprise.
Barbara gave her mum a card, flowers and chocolates and had a look through Marianne’s book, she was very impressed and thanked the home for making it a lovely day for her mother.
When everyone had finished reading the book, Marianne’s cake appeared and everyone joined in and sang happy birthday.
While going through the book and looking at herself as a young woman Marianne asked how old she was, Home Manager Kelly replied “94!” .Marianne laughed loudly and said “I didn’t think I was that old!".

Resident Irene Speak commented:
“That was lovely, thank you for sharing it with us”
Resident Doris Sinclaie added:
“Wasn’t she a beautiful woman!”
Sheila Hargreeves agreed adding:
“You don’t look a day over 21!”