Yoker care home embraces Red Bag InitiativeHC-One’s Quayside Care Home in Yoker, Glasgow, are thrilled to have formed a partnership with Glasgow HSCP and NHS to enforce a new initiative, the Red Bag scheme. 

The red bag scheme aims to ensure that, should a Resident need to go to hospital, the transition is as smooth as possible for them. Aside from it being a very handy bag as it holds all of the essentials for a hospital stay such as pyjamas and toiletries, it will also hold vital information and paperwork about the Resident. 

Bags are also tracked so will always return to the same place that they originated, making it easier to get the correct items back to the right person. 

Resident Margaret Duncan commented:

“This is a lovely wee bag, such a good idea to keep all my things together and then they can go and come back with me.”

Liz Campbell, Home Manager at Quayside, commented:

“Anything that is going to make the transition as smooth as possible for the Residents has to be good!

We are happy to assist in any way we can to ensure that our Residents are looked after in hospital, but more importantly, come back to their own wee room and their Quayside family.”