A trip out and jelly making today at The SycamoresToday has been a very busy Friday at The Sycamores residential and residential memory care home, in Hyde, with a trip out and about for Residents, as well as fruity jelly making!

This afternoon Residents enjoyed teir first trip out in over 12 months. Everyone involved was so happy they could get out and about within the local area and get back to the community.

A small group of Residents, including Thea Morgan, Joan Fogg and Derek Tilley, were taken out to Etherow Country Park on the home’s minibus to enjoy the sun!

There were some refreshing drinks and ice-creams, as Residents sported sun hats and lots of sun cream.

Everyone had a nice relaxing minibus ride as they drove through the countryside with amazing views. The Residents managed to spot lots of different things whilst on the journey to their destination. Spotting cattle; sheep and cows, as well as beautiful wild spreads of flowers with breath-taking colours and also the most scenic view of Manchester from a high peak!

Once arrived at Etherow Country Park, they were able to find a secluded area with seating where they could enjoy the atmosphere.

Colleagues purchased duck feed from the stands provided and enjoyed feeding the different ducks. The Residents were in awe as the wildlife flocked around them for their lunch.

Joan remarked, “Wow! All these ducks coming for their lunch!”

Everyone had fun looking at the different species of ducks around, including Canadian Geese and Mallards. There was also other wildlife such as different types of birds and pigeons which they enjoyed looking for and pointing out.

The Residents sat peacefully with an ice-cream in the seating area whilst watching the people pass by and waving.

Throughout the afternoon Colleagues and Residents listened to a mixture of music including Motown, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra and other old-time classics!

A great day was had by all; the Residents seemed so uplifted and happier after spending some time out of the home and within the community.

Spirits were raised really high and everyone can’t wait to get back out again soon!

Renee Bell, Wellbeing Coordinator, described it as, “A perfect day out!”

“The Residents really enjoyed seeing and feeding the different species of wildlife.”

“I am very happy our Residents were able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, they all seem so much uplifted and happier since returning.”

Thea added, “This has been amazing to get out, I can’t wait to tell my son. Thank you so much for inviting me!”

Also, this morning at The Sycamores, as a part of the home’s ‘Flavour Filled Friday’s’ Residents enjoyed making individual pots of fruit jellies.

The Residents chopped up fruits, including strawberries and raspberries, then added solid cubes of strawberry or raspberry jelly.

Everyone enjoyed stirring and mixing the cubes of jelly in the hot water until the cubes dissolved, leaving a pot of very runny jelly.

The fruits were then added to each pot by each Resident and popped in the fridge to set.

The Residents, including Thea Morgan, Edna Hamlett, Brenda Bickley, Roy Dickinson and Peter Holroyd took great pleasure in eating their makings and all said it was a delicious and refreshing treat!

One Resident commented, “This is a delicious and refreshing treat!”

Renee added, “I love to see the Residents being independent and being involved in the preparation of foods.”