Bredbury Resident helps to celebrate grandson’s 18th birthdayPeter, one the Residents at Appleton Manor care home in Cheshire, told Colleagues that it was his grandson, Charlie’s, 18th birthday on 18th August. 

Wellbeing Coordinator Sarah, said, “I spoke with Peter and said it would be nice for us to make him a special card, and to decorate some cupcakes as a surprise for his birthday. I got some 18th birthday balloons for him and a keyring with 18 inscribed on it”. 

Due to the current situation of the coronavirus guidelines, Peter’s family are unable to visit Appleton Manor, so Sarah arranged for Peter's family to come and collect the gifts and card for grandson Charlie. 

When Charlie and the rest of the family arrived, they were all surprised and very grateful for all what everyone did to make the occasion as special as we could; 

“The family allowed me to take pictures to give to Peter. As you can see from the photos of both Peter and his family, a picture paints a thousand words”.

Sarah continued, " Its lovely to be able to share these special moments with Peter and his family”

Pictures show Peter on the left and then on the right his daughter Catherine, granddaughter Chelsea grandson Charlie and their partners