Broadway care home enjoy beer tasting sessionResident at HC One’s Brompton House care home spent the after tasting different beers. 

Everyone has been missing the weekly pub trips which used to take place from the Broadway care home, so the Colleagues decided to bring the pub to the Residents in a safe way instead!

Some of the staff on the team have previously worked in the pub trade so have lots of knowledge from previous training.

Colleagues selected a few of the Residents favourite beers and shared some of the information that they knew about them. Everyone discuss the flavor, colour and what food it would match well with.

Everyone reminisced about breweries they had visited in local towns, and turned to the internet to check if they were still open. Everyone is looking forward to being about to go back and tour these again one day. 

Residents really enjoyed this session and are looking forward to doing in again with other ales in the future.