Carnival at Mitcham care home “Just like Notting Hill”As a Friday treat, Colleagues at Fieldway care home in Mitcham, Surrey, arranged a mini carnival for all Residents. 

Residents were sat in the lounge listening to the upbeat carnival music that set a vibe for the room. Colleagues then came into the lounge with a trolley full of fresh fruit platters and mocktails for the Residents to enjoy. 

Staff danced along with the Residents and even had some pom-poms which added to the fun! Everyone was dancing and smiling. 

Wellbeing Coordinator, Kathryn, commented, “It was so nice to see our Residents enjoy themselves. we then spread the carnival vibe round the rooms with our trolley of mocktails and fresh fruit so nobody would miss out on the carnival fun!”

The majority of Residents had never tried a mocktail before, they were very impressed and said they were delightful.

Lindsay, who is a Resident at Fieldway, remarked, “I could have a mocktail everyday it’s so sweet and lovely."

Another Resident, Sara, added, “This feels just like Notting Hill Carnival with this music. It’s great!"

Dahlia Clarke, Home Manager, said, “A really lovely afternoon. It was so nice to see Colleagues and Residents laughing and smiling together. Mocktails and fruit platters… what a good added touch.”