Clarendon craft afternoon for St George’s decorationsResidents at residential and nursing care home, Clarendon Hall, in Grimsby, made swords and shields for the St George’s Day party today.

The Residents helped to cut out swords and shields from thin cardboard, then all got some tin foil and everyone wrapped their own items up for decoration. Paper and felt tip pens were used to create a red cross which was then laminated to decorate the front of each shield to look like the St George’s flag; Residents also put their initials to make up the coat of arms.

Residents Terry helped Ann with her shield and sword, and they both chatted away merrily about the best way to wrap each item.

Everyone proudly held up their creations and had a pretend fight, saying that they looked forward to seeing their creations displayed on their bedroom walls after the party.

Every time someone walked past Jean L, who lives at Clarendon Hall, held out her sword and said “En garde!” She joked, “Oops I've cut the sword in half,” to which Wellbeing Coordinator, Hayley replied, “Don't worry, I'll take it to the welders!”

Seeing what the finished creations looked like at the end was the highlight of the activity. See pictured Residents Bessie, Terry, Ann, Amy and Jessie.

Stephanie, on the admin team, remarked, “You look like you have a proper production line going on in here, just like a royal armoury!"