Colleagues bring the fun of a day out in Leicester indoorsResidents at HC One’s Harley Grange care home enjoy a ‘day out in Leicester’. 
Colleagues at the Leicester care home have been missing a good day trip out, so decided to bring the trip to the Residents instead.

The home was given a box of wonderful local history resources from local charity Learning From the 4th Age. They were given a box full of craft ideas and materials entitled ‘A Grand Day Out In Leicester’. 

In the morning everyone discussed Bradgate Park and the different types of deer. Also chatted about a local landmark; a brick stone Tower on top of the second highest point in Leicester called "Old John", named after a worker killed during a bonfire celebrating the Earl's son’s 21st Birthday.

In the afternoon everyone turned the dining room into an art studio and with the use of a stencil painted 'Old John'.

Roger, one of the Residents, commented about ‘Old John’ saying “I walked to the top of the hill, more of a climb, very steep.” 

The home manager said “we are thrilled with this resource box donated by L4A, a fantastic local charity which focus on crafts, arts and activities for the elderly.”