Coventry care home has got talent!HC One’s Victoria Manor care home have been hosting their very own talent show this afternoon.

The staff and Residents at the Coventry care home put on a show to enter everyone to see what talents were hiding in the home! 

Residents had tickets to get into see the show and were given a goodie bag as they entered the home made theatre. 

There was 8 acts in the show, which included singing, dancing, poetry and acting.

Each act was either by a Resident or a member of staff, even the manager and deputy did a dance as tweedle dee and tweedle dum, well what else can we say! Laughter and fun was had by all.

One of the Resident commented “I have not laughed so much in such a long time. Everyone has done fantastic, I have really enjoyed that”, whilst another said “I love entertaining people, I felt like a movie star.” 

The home manager said “It was such a great time and great to see people including staff relaxing and just having a giggle.”