Coventry care home welcomes new caring ResidentHC One’s Victoria Gardens welcomed a new Resident to the home a few weeks ago, who has been a fantastic support to others.

The Coventry care home had the pleasure of welcoming a new Resident a few weeks ago. The Resident and her family were nervous about moving into care, especially during the middle of a pandemic, but the team at Victoria Gardens were there to support her and keep her safe. 

It was strange at first, but after a few days the Resident soon came out of her shell. The team quickly discovered how their newest member likes to look after others, so used it to the advantage of everyone at Victoria Gardens. 

The new Resident likes to cheer up other Residents and keeps staff up to date if she feels there is a problem. She also helps other new Residents to settle in, using her experience to reassure them where possible. 

She has become the person that other Residents go to when they need to talk or just want to have a cuppa with a friend. Everyone benefits and the new Resident is in her element doing what she does best.

The home manager said “It’s important to realise that regardless of age or physical condition, we all need to have purpose; hers is as a mentor. I couldn't be prouder”.