Derby care home welcome Percy the pigeonHC One’s Shelton Lock care home help to save injured Percy the pigeon who was found in the homes garden. 

The staff and Residents at the Derby home were dismayed to find an injured baby pigeon in the garden. Percy, as the pigeon was named, appeared to have an injured wing and unable to fly.

When examined it was found that Percy had been shot by someone using a pellet gun. Advice was taken from a wildlife rescue home on how to help him.

Percy was put into the courtyard of the home, which is free from predators, giving him shelter and fed some corn and given water. Against the odds Percy survived the night and all the staff and Residents were delighted. 

If anything Percy looked brighter, although still not able to fly. Following this Percy was then taken to the wildlife rescue centre.
After examination, Percy was bathed and his wounds were cleaned up by the centre staff. 

The wildlife centre have been in daily contact with the staff and Residents updating them on Percy's progress. Everyone is hoping Percy makes a full recovery.