Do you remember carbolic soap? Memory board inspires vintage theme at Hodge Hill Grange care home.
Staff at this Birmingham care home have brought to life the notice boards and unused spaces within their home and decorated with vintage themes including images and real-life objects that Residents can hold, feel, describe and remember. 

On display are a variety of items for Residents to explore including posters, a typewriter, jigsaws, old brands and so much more. Staff have been looking at big named household products that Residents will have used during their younger years for cleaning and caring for their families. The high-profile names included Oxo, Carbolic Soap, Marmite, Kellogg’s, Coleman’s Mustard, Pear’s Soap and Michelin Tyres; many of which are still going now!

These items promote great discussion among the Residents and it is a real treat to hear how they used each item and all their tips and tricks from ‘back in the day’. 

One Colleague said, “It is great to hear the stories from each era and how times have changed over the years”. 

These memory boards and designated areas are going to be used on a daily basis to reminisce. Residents have really enjoyed looking at the old images. 

One Resident said, “Carbolic Soap! Now that did get you clean. I remember the signs would be painted on people’s houses”.

Home Manager, Theresa Ingram-Gettins, commented, “How wonderful it is to hear the stories, the items have really helped promote strong memories from the past. We will continue to update the home with items to re-create certain eras”.