Dunton Hills home ‘Names That Tune’Activities based around music are very popular at Oaklands care home in Basildon, Essex, so Colleagues hosted a ‘Name that Tune’ game for everyone to get involved with.  

With tastes ranging from classical to pop music covering every decade from the 30s up to the 80s as well as themed events, with the most recent one being a ‘Cockney Knees Up’ singalong.

‘Name That Tune’ is taken from Residents’ favourite music playlist, music is stopped and then the Residents are asked for the artist name and song title. 

“The men excelled during this activity with Roger and Michael calling out the correct details before we even all listened to it!” One Colleague explained. 

One Resident couldn’t believe how well they were doing, “How does Roger remember words from songs?”

Residents, including Roger, Michael, Margaret, Ros, Josie and Jean were dancing and singing along, to whole songs sometimes! They all had a “lovely” afternoon. 

Colleague Lorraine Ansell said, “The activity was enjoyed by all, whatever their ability was.”