Eastbourne Residents are jammin’ to the rhythmResidents at East Sussex care home, Elstree Court, got involved in a collaborative music session today. 

June, David, Kathleen, Mick and Sandy each chose an instrument and in an anti - clockwise sequence, they each in turn played a rhythm to be copied. 

Kathleen became the conductor, using a baton, she led the group to play, stop, and play higher or lower with their instruments. 

After, they decided to write a piece of music using symbols. The group chose symbols for each instrument. Collectively they chose the piece of music and drew it on a white board and then played the piece of music.

Everyone was so enthusiastic about the day and wanted to continue in the future. 

“That was really good fun. It made me listen and concentrate hard. I can read music we should learn some musical notes next time,” One Resident had said.

Another added, “We should get more instruments, for example, a key board. I could teach other residents how to play.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the music, it was very jazzy.”

Yolanda De Castro, Home Manager, commented, “Some Residents can play instruments very well, such as the violin, recorder and piano. It would be wonderful if we could incorporate this into our next session.”