Eastbourne care home share the method of MindfulnessElstree Court care home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, have been helping Residents to feel relaxed and enjoy a bit of peace by using the technique of ‘Mindfulness’. 

Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on the feeling in the moment using your senses. This involves breathing methods and guided imagery to relax the body and help to release stress.

Colleagues took eight Residents including Kathleen, David, June E, June W, Elaine, Irene, Mick and Patricia, into the garden room which was a very good setting for this type of session. 

They talked about what makes you feel relaxed and what in the room can help contribute towards the feelings of calmness and wellbeing.

A wellbeing Colleague then guided the group through a mind and body 'holiday'. After which, they sat for a moment feeling the warmth and relaxation. The group used music as imagery for the meditation, using the senses.

When the state of being was completed, everyone shared their experiences with each other.

“I feel really relaxed. I almost fell asleep. Let's introduce relaxing images and the sound of water to add to the atmosphere of the room.”

“I can feel a difference, I feel relaxed and calmer. My mind sometimes is full of many thoughts, at once, I was able to focus on the guide.”

Home Manager, Yolanda De Castro,said, “This method of mindfulness can be used at any time. Relaxation is a state of being, rather than an activity. It helps the residents to relax and learn strategies to do on their own.