Easter at Meadow Bank
HC-One’s Meadowbank House Care Home in Bolton celebrated Easter in style.
With the sun shining for the first time in a long while, Residents all gathered together to prepare for their Easter egg hunt.
The first part was creating the Easter baskets. As they enjoyed assembling and decorating the Easter basket a few Residents shared their Easter traditions with one another. 
They nibbled on delicious cross buns covered in butter and sipped hot beverages and the care team put on some frank Sinatra for the Residents to sing along to!
Later on that afternoon bright coloured Easter eggs were hidden all around the home and Residents were given small notes that had clues of where the Easter eggs would be.

Residents went hunting and filled their baskets up with yummy chocolate eggs. The room was constantly full of laughter as the carers would take orders from the residents to look for the eggs under chairs, tables and even strange places such as the water dispenser.
Everyone had a wonderful day!