Former Old Gates nurse and current Resident celebrates birthdayA Resident at Cherry House has recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, but there’s something extra special about Dorothy Rushworth and her relationship with the home. 

Dorothy has been a Resident for five months and has become a much-loved member of the home. On her birthday she was treated to a delicious cake and a beautiful bunch of flowers. 

Once upon a time, Dorothy worked at the home as a nurse and has fond memories of her time here, staff asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing her life story and she kindly agreed to an interview. 

Dorothy was a sister and working two 12-hour days per week. She was based at the Cherry House part of the home, which is where she is currently living now. She originally retired 33 years ago but just missed caring for people.

When asked about what the home was like back in the day, she explained, “Cherry House was a happy place, we had two sisters, a senior and four carers. We had 30 Residents and would always carry out activities. 

“I wouldn't say too much has changed in regards to care as I feel that is still being provided the same as we did”

Colleagues asked about what she loved about her role and Dorothy said that from a very young age she would help people starting with helping her father deliver on the milk rounds”.

Dorothy talked about her fondest memory at the home, “I worked here for six years and found it to always be a happy place, I enjoyed all aspects of my role and got to know the Residents and their families”. 

Home Manager, Helen Holden, commented, “This is a wonderful story. Dorothy is a lovely lady and it is an honour to now be able to look after her".