Glasgow care home Residents celebrate Chinese New YearTo aid in the enhancement of the home’s wellbeing programme, Colleagues at HC-One’s Darnley Court care home in Glasgow successfully delivered a Chinese New Year event. 

Residents across all units were treated to Chinese appetiser as well as a Chinese curry thanks the kitchen. To fully immerse the Residents within the experience; celebrations of the New Year from China were played on YouTube for the Residents to enjoy and many Residents were dancing along with the Chinese dragons and watching the New Year’s parades.

Furthermore, Residents also enjoyed creating Chinese arts and crafts; some enjoyed making Chinese lanterns as well as some blossoms tree painting. In addition to this, Darnley Court carers were also actively involved in the celebration. 

"It was great to see how engaged Residents were by the Chinese New Year celebrations on the TV, there was something for everyone,” said Darnley Court Home Manager Louise Fulton.