Goldie’s meal for Hailsham House ResidentsAs winter is beginning to arrive and the days are growing colder, there is one thing that will lift Residents’ spirit and warm their hearts, a nice home cooked meal. 

Peter “Goldie” Goldsmith, who is a Resident at Hailsham House care home, in Sussex, was keen to make it happen and maybe even dessert too. 

Goldie made a shopping list and thought of the finest ingredients for the meal as well as picking out some sweet treats for everyone in the home.

Goldie gave the chef at the home some strict instructions and a recipe to follow for the perfect meal. When everyone ate at supper Goldie was telling everyone all about the ingredients.

He was so happy, it made him feel like he had a role to play and he felt like he made everyone happy!

Goldie said, "This recipe has always been my favourite and now I get to share it with everyone."

Catherine Brewster, Home Manager, said, “We all have our favourite comfort foods and there is no better time to have comfort food than in winter!”