Growing butterflies at Rose Court care homeStaff and Residents at Rose Court care home have commenced their annual butterfly process this week and it is off to a great start!

Every year, staff at the home arrange to purchase caterpillars for each unit and then over the weeks, everyone can watch these little creatures transform into cocoons and in turn, butterflies. At the end of the process there is a big grand release celebration watched by everyone at Rose Court. 

Residents love being able to see the insects grow and everyone is fascinated at what happens during the process. It is always a successful activity with many interesting comments.

One Resident enjoyed watching the transformation begin, “Isn’t it marvellous, in a few weeks they will turn from this into butterflies”.

Home Manager, Karen Davies, remarked, “We do this each year, as it always fascinates both Residents and staff and is a great talking point. It lifts spirit, especially in the current climate.”