HC-One and the UK coronavirus outbreak
HC-One – Guidance and Advice on Coronavirus (COVID19)
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Information for our Residents, Colleagues and Relatives

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we are continuing to do everything we can to respond quickly and effectively and protect the health of our Residents and Colleagues, support Relatives and work with our local health partners.
HC-One has always had robust policies in place to both prepare for and prevent the spread of any infection, and we are employing these policies to deal with coronavirus whilst listening carefully to, and following the latest government guidance.
Decision to restrict visiting loved ones
Following the coronavirus outbreak and ahead of government guidance in March 2020 HC-One took the precautionary measure of stopping all non-essential routine visits to its care homes. This decision was supported by the government in its subsequent guidance which was published shortly after.
We understand how difficult this has been for so many people who have wanted to visit their loved ones at this worrying time, and we are grateful for the co-operation and understanding of Relatives, and also members of our local communities, during this time. The reason that we took this decision was to try and safeguard the health and wellbeing of our Residents and Colleagues as much as possible.
To support our Residents and Relatives to stay connected, we have equipped all our care homes with digital tablets that can be used for video calls. We know this will not compare to an in-person visit, but the health and safety of our Residents is paramount. In addition, please be assured that we will continue to contact relatives directly to provide updates on their loved one’s health and care.
Coronavirus is a very infectious virus, which as we now know, is particularly dangerous to elderly people and those with underlying health issues. It is transmitted very easily through coughs, sneezes and touch so by reducing the number of people entering the home, we reduce the risk of the virus spreading.
HC-One Colleagues have all received significant training in “infection control”; good infection control measures again help to reduce the transmission of the virus.
In response to coronavirus, our focus has been all about reducing the risk of spreading the virus amongst Residents and Colleagues, so we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us to reduce the number of people attending our homes for this reason.
We have prepared an information guide for Relatives which we hope will address a number of your frequently asked questions, which can be downloaded here “Caring through Covid-19” booklet which can be downloaded here
Compassionate visiting
Visiting may be possible for close family members of a Resident who is critically ill or at the end of their life, as long as it is agreed with the Home Manager and that:
• you and members of your household do not have symptoms of coronavirus, like a fever or cough
• you have not been told to self-isolate or shield for health reasons
This visit must be pre-arranged and should only take place at the agreed time via the agreed entrance door, so we can ensure that a member of our staff team is available to meet you at the door to and take you through the necessary procedures and escort you to your loved one’s room.
We have prepared clear guidance to explain what you can expect from a compassionate visit and this will be provided to you if a compassionate visit is considered as the best thing for you and your loved one.
To reduce call volumes into our homes at this difficult time, we kindly ask you to direct your call appropriately
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General Enquiries & Regular Updates for Relatives & Loved Ones
Please direct as follows:
Email                           RelativeSupport@hc-one.co.uk
Call Us                        0333 999 8699
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Specific Enquiries about your Relative or Loved One

You’re always welcome to speak to the Home Manager for any specific updates relating to your friend or loved one; during this busy time may we ask you to direct any more general questions as outlined above.

As we support our local health partners and the people who need care at this time, we are admitting new Residents, where possible and appropriate, and following assessment of both the potential new Resident and the home in question. For more information or if you would like to make an enquiry, please contact the HC-One Careline Team on 0333 999 8699.
Information about Coronavirus

For comprehensive information about the coronavirus itself, please visit either the Gov.UK or NHS websites, or if you are concerned you or someone you are in contact with has coronavirus call 111.