Henley on Thames care home resident finds new hobby in paintingErnie Brawn arrived at Thamesfield as a Resident back in February 2020 before the lockdown began. He decided to come and join in with the watercolour sessions when they were allowed to take place in the Dining Room. As soon as he started to paint he really enjoyed it and this spiralled into something extraordinary. 

The only painting that Ernie had ever completed before was from many years ago when he had repaired and painted lead model soldiers. Recently he was given some acrylics and he immediately loved using them. He mentioned this to his family and they sent him a book which has helped him a lot. He has also researched acrylics on the internet. 

Now Ernie has started with painting birds and animals and had a go at the view from his room at Thamesfield but thinks he has a lot to learn about landscapes. He now comes every Tuesday to the painting session and really enjoys the time painting and chatting with the other Residents. His family are thrilled to receive his paintings as gifts!

Home Manager, Lina Nela, said, “It is just great to see one of our Residents find a new skill, interest and hobby”.