Hinckley care home Residents plant seeds to bring garden to lifeResidents at HC One’s Hinckley Park care home took some time, with the help of Colleagues, to bring the garden to life. 

In the corner of the Hinckley care home’s garden, is a small patch of bare land which looks forlorn, abandoned, and unloved. 

However, unbeknown to many people, there are things afoot. Wildflower seeds have been planted and designs are underway to create Hinckley's first, and maybe only, fairy garden/model village. 

With a few model-makers in our midst the home is hoping to (slowly) transform this piece of forgotten land into something beautiful. 
With various holidays and seasons to celebrate, we're also hoping that it'll be an on-going project. 

Resident Nancy commented “get a pen and paper, because you need to start every big project with a plan!”

So watch this space to see updates as the seeds begin to grow and more ideas flourish!