Hinckley care home Residents welcome fish to the homeColleagues at HC One’s Hinckley Park have brought in a new fish tank, complete with goldfish, to the home for the Residents.

The Hinckley care home have welcomed new members to the family in the form of some lovely goldfish today.

In all of us is an innate desire to take care of something, or someone. Whether that's a partner, child, or animal, we want to love and (hopefully) receive love in return.

Which is why the team at Hinckley decided to bring in some new pets for the Residents to care for, and thought what better than some lovely goldfish.

The home aren’t sure how many they have, as they lost count when some more babies were born, but think it might be around 14 now! 

Everyone at the home helps to take care of them, from staff sourcing parts and food, to Residents helping to feed them. 

The Residents love going to watch the fish swim in the tank and watching them grow.