Hinckley care home is taken to a desert island of dreams!HC One’s Hinckley Park received a wonderful homemade desert island made by 6 year old Eva who lives close to the home.

Is anybody else dreaming of getting away to somewhere warm and sunny? Colleagues and Residents at the Hinckley care home are! Thanks to local girl Eva this has been made possible to imagine.

Eva has been writing to the care home since the beginning of lockdown. The home has been sending replies back to her too and have created a wonderful connection.

Due to this Eva decided it would be nice for everyone to escape, so she created Hinckley Park’s very own island, complete with pirate’s treasure of course!

Right now the home is dreaming of where they can visit, and thanks to an imaginative young lady, their dreams have become a bit more true to life.

One of the Residents, Janet, commented “how beautiful is that?! She’s got a great talent.”