Hinckley care home travels back to the groovy 1960’sColleagues and Residents at HC One’s Hinckley Park care home spent the day back in the 1960’s today.

2020 is sixty years from the 1960’s, so the Hinckley care home though what better way to celebrate than spending a few days immersed in the decade that changed the world.

Hinckley Park became a virtual time machine when they threw up the decorations, turned up the music, and dug out the outfits.

Movies, music, and TV shows from the era played on TV’s throughout the home, whilst 60’s themed games and quizzes were the order of the day.

The hippies (aka the homes Colleagues) were out in force, handing out flowers and a bit of "peace and love" to the Residents.

It was a fun day and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was nice to hear some of the stories from the decade and jut have a bit of a break from everything that's been happening over the past few months.