Hounslow care home couple are reunitedResident John Doubtfire has been at Ash Grove care home in Hounslow since 2016 and although his wife would come and visit him every day, things weren’t quite the same as living together. However recently the couple have reunited and are back living under one roof. 

Mr and Mrs Doubtfire were married in the 1940's and have one son. They love to go to the seaside in the motorbike with a sidecar. Pauline and John had a lovely garden as they both love gardening. Moreover, they would attend gathering where both loved ball dancing.

They were separated when John was admitted to Ash Grove Care Home in 2016 and Pauline would visit him regularly and spend time together especially during meals. 

Pauline eventually moved into a care home herself after being diagnosed with dementia. And after four years of separation, Pauline has reunited with her husband as she was admitted in Ashgrove Care Home on the 4th September 2020. 

Care Home Manager, Cynthia Buguiron Bayonito, commented, “It is so wonderful to see a couple who were once living separately, back together under the same roof and it is an absolute pleasure having them both here at Ash Grove”.