Humberston Residents partying for St Patrick’s DayThe luck of the Irish was upon everyone this afternoon at HC-One’s Clarendon Hall care home, as they celebrated St. Patrick's Day with style. 

Residents had assisted in creating a giant shamrock with green plastic bags, which was proudly displayed in the home’s lounge as the drinks trolley came around to refresh everyone with a little tipple.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Hayley, said, “We played Irish jigs and even had a go at replicating the infamous Riverdance, but using our hands instead of feet!”

All the Residents enjoyed tucking into a biscuit or cupcake that they had decorated the day before with green icing and lots of sprinkles.

The afternoon kept everyone in high spirits and the Residents enjoyed watching Colleagues dancing around like lively, little leprechauns!

"What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, it doesn't feel like work at all when we're all having such fun!" remarked admin Colleague, Stephanie. 

“It’s like having an afternoon down the pub with my mates,” commented Resident Robin

“The dancing was exhausting, but worth it to see the look on the Residents’ faces!" Hayley added.

See pictured Residents Jean L, Ann H, Jessie N, Robin S and Colleague Hayley.